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Getting Paid Early - Making working capital fairer, transparent and fast.

A session by Anthony Howe and Sameer Sawhney
Greensill and Greensill

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About this session

Fintech-enhanced working capital finance is an incredibly powerful tool that helps both suppliers and buyers improve cash flow simply and efficiently.

For companies large and small, who are supporting and ensuring viability within their supply chains, working capital finance is an efficient and much cheaper form of finance than traditional alternatives. By leveraging the strong credit rating of a corporate buyer, suppliers can gain access to a more reasonable cost of funds, enabling non-investment-grade suppliers to benefit from more reasonable financing rates. Key success drivers include a set-up process that is friction-free, easy to implement programs which make use of robust technology, combined with access to a diverse, capital markets funding pool.

As one of the largest providers of trade finance globally, Greensill’s working capital finance solutions are highly regarded worldwide amongst large and small corporates, for innovation, speed, and data driven feature sets.

This session will explore :

Fintech : liquidity, adoption, and scale - the crucible for success. Innovative solutions to key challenges when implementing supply chain finance programs What does Supply Chain Finance 2.0 look like today? Customised working capital finance products that compliment supply chain finance

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