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Resilient supply chains: the importance of visibility and ecosystems in the age of disruption

A session by Stephanie Krishnan
Research Director, Manufacturing Insights Asia/Pacific, IDC

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About this session

Asia-Pacific companies are shaping business continuity plans to ensure they can face oncoming disruptions - pandemic or otherwise. Visibility, collaboration, and the ability to adapt now need to be framed in the context of company strategies for survival and future growth. Centralized integration is coming to the fore as a competitive advantage for the world's supply chains. In this context, this presentation will explore:

  • current trends, challenges, and opportunities for manufacturers and their supply chain partners
  • from observation to action - the role of platforms and automation in creating supply chain agility
  • the skills required to address supply chain agility and meeting future requirements
  • how a modern, connected cloud environment optimises supply chain collaboration, today and for the future

Gearing up for resilient supply chain transformation? Find out how IDC’s essential guidance helps Asia-Pacific manufacturers rebuild through digital transformation, and leverage on the resulting opportunities. Gearing up for resilient supply chain transformation

Stephanie Krishnan

Stephanie Krishnan is Research Director for IDC Manufacturing Insights, responsible for delivering a research agenda in Industry 4.0 looking across ecosystems, value chains and supply chains of industrial organizations.

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