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Susheela Arumugam

Susheela Arumugam

Managing Director
EBP Global

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Susheela joined ebp Global in 2018 as a senior consultant, having recently taken on the additional role of managing director for our newly established entity in Singapore.

Susheela holds a degree in Computer Studies and a PMP certificate in Project Management. Merging the two together has seen her manage large scale ERP implementation projects for more than 20 years, across mainly the US and Asia markets for the likes of Li & Fung, Marc Jacobs, Helly Hansen and Polo Ralph Lauren to name a few. Her willingness and dedication has ensured she has seen every project through to the end, from system analysis, to project planning, process design, testing, launching and supporting, while remaining a constant advisor to the client. Susheela enjoys travelling from city to city, living between Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

She enjoys a glass of wine with friends and visiting her family, spread across the US and Malaysia.

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