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Michael Gamper

Michael Gamper

Chief Executive Officer
EBP Global

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Michael founded ebp Global in 2004 bringing his vision of a uniquely global, management consulting firm to life in Brussels, after his previous role as Vice President of Manugistics launched his passion in Supply Chain Management. Now with more than 30 years experience gained in the industry, Michael has helped shape operations of some of the largest and well-known multinational organisations and has grown ebp Global offices to New York, London, Amsterdam Hong Kong and Singapore.

As a qualified Electrical Engineer, Michael has an innate ability to simplify and solve complex problems with his curious and tenacious approach. Combined with flexibility and care, this philosophy remains at the heart of ebp Global, resulting in a high performing team which has delivered transformational programmes and impacful solutions to clients around the world.

When Michael is not on a plane travelling to clients, he is spending time with his family or skiing in the snowy Austrian mountains.

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